What's In My Head

Sunday, 31 May 2009

A lil' update

Well, won't write much for this post, no mood to update and the laziness symptoms are coming back. I have a few things to update so, I'll just put them in order (randomly) :

1. I'm slowly beginning to grasp the basics of reverse psychology, no kiddin'. It sucks when you use it unconsciously.

2. My driving exam is fucking tomorrow, w00t. I'm so ready!

3. I noticed that unnatural relationship are starting to spread like wildfire.

4. Something struck me last night. I remembered I watched a documentary about love, it was on Valentine's Day, I guess. So to cut it short, apparently, one of the part of our brain that controls the feeling of love is the same as the part that produces the emotion of fear. That's right, kids, fear. To think about it, I can recall one of the many mangas I've read mention something like "Fear is the greatest aphrodisiac". I did a lil' research but I'm not gonna turn this post into a semi-biology textbook so screw it.


So, If you fall in love with someone, you are actually afraid of that someone?

Edit ::: I'm "scared to death" of someone

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Laugh and the world laugh with you

The real comedy starts at 1.45

I am fully aware that this is the first time a youtube video invade my blog and I'm not angry over its space consumption as watching it cures cancer.

Watch it and enjoy being infected with the laughter virus.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

My noisy, noisy mind

You know, taking a break in this hectic life sure is great. It's like competing in an F1 race, you are bound to stop at a pit stop. You're body and perhaps your soul need some timeout. Let the engine cool, repace yourself and buckle up for the next part of life. Anyway, this viciously boring and long "holiday" has its pros too and I think it provides me with what I need - A time to think. I never really bother myself to think about the little aspects of my life and how they affect going through my everyday life. I've been thinking, why can't I sleep in a quiet environment, I need at least the noise coming out from the fan to put myself to sleep. So I tried sleeping without those noise. Then, I ask myself, why can't I sleep. I close my eyes and try to doze off but I can't. My mind just can't seem to stop thinking about anything, eveything. What I did today, what am I going to do tommorrow, why I did that, why I did this bla, bla, bla. I just can't seem to fucking pipe em' down. Hence, the post title. lol.

Just like that, I kinda had some kind of revelation, an epiphany of some sort. Is that why I like maths and thinking logically ( crap included ), I asked myself. Maybe, it could be. Who knows, it sounds theoretical but I kinda like it - it brings light to my life and knowing myself better seem to makes me happy, I don't know, call me weird but it brings satisfaction which I can't really reason why. Who cares anyway, I don't. I'd do anything to rid myself from this eternal boringness. lol.

-random musing ends here-

Sunday, 24 May 2009

I haven't die from boredom... yet

My Sunday today is unexpectedly lively. After continuous painful torcher from many days of nothingness and boringness, a day like this is indeed needed to cheer me up. Honestly, those dull days can really affect my mood and physical state. Damn, I was bloody emo a few days ago, felt agitated, felt like beating someone, my finger didn't stop fidgeting. Urgh, it was horrible, I almost fell sick too. Those kind of days can really make me go mentally deranged. So emo that I can't even bring myself to blog. Oh, right, that was because of my laziness.

Anyway, today was kinda awesome, morning started with me waking up early, around 6-ish, thanks to Justin's random sms, lol. Who could have known random stuff can cure you of waking up late. It doesn't really matter if i don't wake up at 6-ish, my alarm will still go off at 7, urgh. Had my weekly taekwondo session today and it was kinda cool cuz I sweated alot and actually felt good. Endorphin is my best bud. Two of my seniors came by today and they somehow lift up the mood. It was tiring but the sudden burst of endorphin in my body really felt good. lol. That sounded wrong, lol.

And in the afternoon, my dad managed to force me to go join the bowling competition held by his officemates. With a body that ached and yawns that rivalled Snorlax's, I brought myself to join it. Contrary to what I thought, it was actually fun, lol. Well, I kinda have this problem interacting with adults due to some past experience but hell, they were young at heart and they were awesome!

So, all in all, today was awesome, yeah, I know I said that a few times already but heck, I don't give a damn. I wish every single day would be like today then I can blog more lol. Plus, I won't emo... I hate emo-ing! It sucks, bigtime...

Saturday, 9 May 2009

And Life Continues

I'm not lost anymore

I've found back my way

Slowly, but surely

I'm going back on track

At least the 11 years of schooling didn't go to waste