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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The answer to a baffling question - aussie news

The search for an answer for the question who came first, the chicken or the egg has always left people with the state of frustration over their inability to produce satisfying answer. Some picked the chicken, some picked the egg and some say both are dependent on each other, meaning that both cannot exist without the other one. However, none of those answer are backed up by any logical scientific evidence.

The news reports the discovery of new protein that exist in the shell of an egg called ovocleidin (OC-17). The protein is a key component in the formation of egg shell and is produced in the ovaries of hen. It acts as a catalyst that initiates the changing of calcium carbonate to calcite crystals, which acts as a covering for the egg yolk and the shielding fluid. Nonetheless, the scientists are still unable to come out with a sound argument to how the protein-producing chicken came into being.

As for my personal input, I hardly find it sensible for the discovery of OC-17 in hen's ovaries to point out that chicken came first in the ever-so-confounding question of which came first. In my opinion, it merely shows how eggs is produced. What say you?


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