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Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm not suppose to be here

Shhh, I'm suppose to be studying but then again, the proportion of my time that I took to tell that I am, suppose to or want to study is definitely much larger than the proportion of my time that I took to actually study. Why am I here? I'm not really sure. After all, most of my posts have more words than purpose. Why? It is just the nature of who I am. A bum who supposedly try to blog but desperately in need of matter. Does it matter? Heck no, I'm the owner/writer/creator of this blog so I can do whatever I want to. Besides, the fact that you are actually reading this post, despite knowing by now, that it does not have any purpose, direction, points or matter proves that you are reading this post purely because I wrote it. After all, I'm just a wad of wet tissue on the ceiling that some find interesting. This post's seemingly non-important existence is purely to entertain my loyal reader(s) whom has/have nothing better to do. In fact, I would say the usage of the word 'entertain' in the previous sentence is exceedingly pretentious and exaggerated in terms of expressing the purpose of this post. Honestly, I would say the word 'occupy your head with more nonsense' is spot on. However, if you really are here for the aforementioned reason, I severely question your ability to fill that squishy blob of pink matter that you call brain with information that has no base, logic nor point. Is it not your onus to do just that on your own without resorting to come here? Does it not make you wonder what you have reduced yourself to just by reading this post? Have you recently start questioning the authenticity of your sanity because if you haven't, I'm already doing it for you?

Did you really read all of that?


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