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Monday, 13 June 2011

I've decided.

I shall shed off some of the stereotypes that I subconsciously apply to myself. It bugs me. I find it to be very constrictive and stifling. I'm still young even though my age starts with the digit 2. I want to have choices to what I wanna be. I want to do something that is beyond my ordinary routine or out of the usual me (of course, within my own boundary of morality). Liberalising myself from self-stereotyping should do me good (I hope). I wonder why did I even do it in the first place? Was it the ever-so-cliche peer pressure or is it the similarly overused reason of mass media? However, in this case, it doesn't matter what compelled me to act with such naivete since I'm the one who did it in the end.

On another note, my brain is so cluttered now. Pre-exam period I guess. Seriously, it's so noisy. Good thing I have this blog to ramble but somehow, I think it kinda backfire because last night, I only managed to get 3 hours of sleep before waking up in panic. Plus, it was soooo hard for me to sleep. I guess my brain has the ability to induce its own caffeine which works infinitely better than Nescafe. Back to what I'm suppose to be doing - study.



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