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Saturday, 5 June 2010

can't say much

I find my life these days to be extremely colourless, nothing new to see, nothing new to report. Maybe it's because deep down inside, I really do prefer this kind of situation - where I never need to move, just stand there; stagnant and motionless. Never making a progress. Maybe I'm in the middle of a fork in a road - needing me to choose where should I be heading. It's true, I look back these past few weeks and I deem myself to be 'confused'. I see myself as someone who adapts with current situation. However, college life is a vortex of confusion as it is a mixture of a lot of new things - things that is hard for me to swallow. Hence, the current confused me. Maybe I'm just rambling random and nonsensical stuff - something I do quite often.

This blog has become too open for me to write everything that I wanted to write. So, every time I decide to blog, I have to consider the possibility of people whom I prefer not to be here reading the posts I put up here. That is somewhat a nuisance. Erm, I take it back, it IS a nuisance.

I might just make a new blog.


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