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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oh, stop worrying.

I've been getting quite a few responses about the post before this. Let me make myself clear, being an introvert does not equate to being emo and by no means a reason to raise alarming concern. I do appreciate that you approached me about that post but really, I'm fine. Speaking of introvert, I recently a post concerning myths surrounding introverts in general and I find most of it to be rather applicable to me. Now, allow me to point out the things that the post talks about that I can say the same thing about myself:

Introverts don't like to talk

If you don't know about me and never seen me when I'm with my close friend, then it's safe to assume you would probably deduce the same conjecture. Truth be told, I'm quiet most of the time but to assume I dislike talking would be equivalent to accusing someone who doesn't eat much to be an anorexic or saying those who likes to read books are masters of nerds. The reason why I don't talk much is because I really rather keep to myself than engaging in conversation that I personally find to be rather dry or pertaining to topic which is not of my interest. For those who have seen me being talkative, you know I wouldn't stop until I'm out of things to say.

Introverts don't like people

Nah, I just don't really go along with certain people that I can't really relate to. Au contraire, I value my close friends a lot. Though I'm pretty sure I can count those people. However, it is not about the quantity but the quality and I can say with exact certainty that I have fine fine close friends.

Introverts don't like to go out in public

So not true. I like being outside but the thing that trouble me the most is crowded area. It disturbs me a lot sometimes that I get dizzy. That's why if I'm out shopping alone, I'll definitely finish fast and avoid places with a lot of people. You can say I'm a fast and efficient shopper, unlike girls in general. *evil laugh*

Introverts always want to be alone

There's a fine line between an introvert and an emo. For one, I don't wear eye shadow and two, I don't have any piercing. Plus, I'm authentic. Point being, I do not want to always be alone. Yes, I find being in solitude to be peaceful. Yes, I'm fine with just me and my thoughts. Yes, I used to talk with myself when I was a kid. However, that does not mean I want to be in constant shroud of loneliness. As fun as my thoughts are, being alone still does void me of human contacts which, surprisingly, something I yearn more and more as I get older (a good sign, I guess).

Introverts are weird

Say what? I believe the correct term for most of us is unique or individualistic. Despite being corrupted by the media stream via television, radio, internet and whatever other means there are, I find being in a stereotype to be really stifling and downright boring. I have my own set of "glasses" that filters what I see. Am I saying I'm a self-proclaim interesting guy, no. I'm just another cup of tea. It's up to you whether you find me to your liking. If it isn't, well, really, it's your lost, isn't it?

Sheesh, I wanna write more but I'm compelled to stop by my anchor of laziness. Besides, I'm suppose to be studying for my exam. Anyways, to all you introverts out there, hi.

edit: I starting to hate this layout, it makes the font looks crappy. I'm such a hopelessly minimalistic person.


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