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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The fork in the road.

It is eventual and inevitable and there are many that one has to face throughout one's life. Some aren't that big of a deal and one or two bad judgement calls in these wouldn't do one that much harm. However, there are also those that determine one's future and the choices that are laid before him or her are often mutually exclusive - choosing one path denies the others, such is the brutality of life.


Is there such a thing as a mistake in making these choices? They are, in the end, just choices. Yes, it's true that some choices will bring one to his or her knees, regretting ever making that choice in the first place. I don't think one should classify the choices made to be either a right or wrong choice by just the outcome of the choice, rather, it should be classified base on how the decision to choose that path was made. Whether or not all the other choices were given enough consideration should be factored in. Mistakes, like getting bruises, will occur. There are ways to live life safely but that's a tad boring way to live I'd say, where's the adventure in that, right? I guess this is where cliche lines like "failure is the the turning point towards success" or "If at first you don't success, try and try again" but it is true, isn't it? We learn a lot more from the failures we've made rather than the successes we've achieved, provided, of course, we realise the mistake and actually attempt to learn from it.

I think this post has derail from it's original purpose. but. oh. what. the. hell.

I wanna write more but the damn keyboard is preventing me from doing it. I have to smack the key for the letter O before it appears - forcing me stop and fill in the missing Os. This is seriously disrupting my chain of thoughts. Humph.

In the last few posts and this post included, I blog because I simply wanted to write something and not because I have something that I wanna rant or tell. I start off with a general idea about something and I simply type. So, more often than not, my posts are pretty random and sometimes, they don't make sense to other people (really?). I do hope you, yes you, dear reader can follow my train of thoughts (if there is one, that is).

rant rant rant!


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