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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

All about the world!

Well, guess what?

I'm updating!! Weee. Anyway, this'll be a very short post since I'm lazy to the power of overwhelming homework plus essay times my mum's complaints.

Okay, first thing first, in case you didn't notice, I've put a world map right under the credits. This map serves a role : to track people that visits my site - they are grouped in countries. I'm not really hoping for a non-Malaysian to come by this site but you might never know.

Obviously, apparently and equivocally ( xD ), my blog isn't that famous compared to kennysia.com or.. or.. [ please insert famous blog here ]. And no, I'm not going to go around and spread the word that my blog exist. Me no whore, me no whore :P . Bleargh, the actual reason for this blog is actually because I wanted to have fun with blog - it is actually.

Let's move on to the other thing, shall we? While I was rummaging my old files, I found something that's apart of me but yet somewhat irrelevant to me - ah, the paradoxical me, so dumb, so senseless xD. It's just a piece of paper actually. Erm, actually, it's "a" part of the drama script that submitted last year - of course, it was rejected since it was written by yours truly. Anyway, guess I was a "little" bit emo at that time ( I'll post the contents in the next post). What to do? What to do? Everybody gets emo every now and then.

Honestly, this kind of not-so-often state-of-emotion is the one that I actually cherish. My usual mood, nutty, makes me feel a wee bit of empty inside. Of course la, I've been nutting all the way since I'm standard 5 or 6 if I'm not mistaken - feeling a tiny bit of repetitiveness deep inside. A change in state of emotional is always good, at least, that's how I feel about myself.

Ahh, there you go, mindless ranting of a thing called Umair.

So then, long story short, I'm retarded going through a process called retardation and I'm happy with it. So what?



P/s : All grammar mistake(s) are actually a deliberate action. So, excuse them.
If you can't understand or unable to comprehend on what I've written, just pretend that you do understand. Sometimes, it'll work. xD


Friday, 20 July 2007


Well, today's post isn't about being patriotic or showing my love towards M'sia, but it's just that I wanted it to be that way, so just deal with it.

Anyway, just blogging cuz i'm bored and pretty much got nothing to do *nose grows longer*. Ya ya, homework piling again. Regret not for regret only brings nothing but retreat. So, I shall not regret and just my overdue homework.. weeee >_>

Being who I am - a kepoh fellow, I shall tell you what activity I have to attend this Sunday - a trivial one that is. Before I start with my long and not-much awaited complaints, you must first know that HSBP was forced to send 300 participants to some rentas desa, of course, in conjunction with Merdeka months but strangely, this Sunday would be 22nd JULY not August. Heck, guess they wanted it to be done quick. Oh ya, and guess what, all prefects and those who are taking sports science as their subject are required to participate this event, how cool is that??!! Being in my current condition, running would be my last activity that I wanted to do, actually, I don't even want to run. Legs are heavy as iron and my brain is de-teaching myself how to run. *the complaints goes on and on and on and on*

I'm gonna ponteng and that's that!! xD

Herm, oh ya, the last book of Harry Potter is coming out tomorrow! Too bad I didn't pre-order it since it cost like 120++ bucks. And yes, I'm broke currently. Guess I have to wait for the price to drop. Sigh. However, I have the feeling that this book's not gonna deliver the same orgasm or feeling of high to the readers like it used to. Mind you, It's only a feeling, usually my feeling tells me the exact opposite thing.

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Being abnormally submissive person, I agreed with my friend to join the essay and poem writing competition, again, in parallel to the coming grand event - 50th Independence day for the coming-of-age Malaysia. Currently planning on only writing the essay but if time is allowing and so does my will, I may write a poem. Me? Poem? Mwahahahahaha *continues laughing hysterically for a few minutes*.

Nah, I'm just trying lah.....

Saturday, 14 July 2007


Just came back from summit. Yeah, I know I have school tomorrow but what the heck. Anyway, I went there to watch " Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix " with Joshua and Shahrizan, who, came late, very late, I'll explain later. In the meantime, I shall give you my review of this much expected movie since the book is damn good.

For the Harry Potter's book fan, grief, grief now for the movie suck for you. Erm, you will have a great time, however, when you have a friend who knows about the book well too, then, you can criticise or comment on whichever part you think is lacking - there alot by the way. Let me give you some flashback, in the last movie, quidditch(sp?) scene exist but very short. This movie on the other hand, HAVE NO FREAKING QUIDDITCH AT ALL, they didn't even mention it. You can also notice afew dialogue being spoken by another character. Some of the important characters ( methinks ) have too little scene ( Poor the metamorphmagus(sp?) ). On top of that, some of the characters went missing like pitiful sneak-zits and the betrayer of the red-heads ( I think he's there somewhere ).. And ah, as usual there's alot scenes which I think is substantive to the whole movie being shortened or cut ( Yes people, there's a snogging scene >_> ). So in short, as a Harry Potter book fan, I think this movie is big total disappointment. Well, I guess the theory that states a great book can never turn into a great movie and a great movie can never turn into a great book is still true, at least in this movie.

In the eye of one who never read the book however, should have a different opinions. In a whole total entertainment value, it is quite remarkable ( Especially the spell-exchanging xD ). The graphics are smooth, crisp and surreal - matching to the genre of this movie. One thing I enjoyed the most even as a book-fan is the sound and background music : they use splendid sound effects and amazing background music, which, I think, works well with movie since it's sooo boring at one point. At the end of the movie, Joshua said that it'll be hard for the spectators which never read the book to catch the whole movie. I contemplated and agreed xD. When I think about it, alot of the important scenes are shortened (As I said earlier) until the point where viewers will be in total blur. So, to the non-Harry-Potter-book-reader, this movie is very enjoyable but at the same time, might be a little confusing.

Long story short, for those who already read the book for the millionth time, don't waste your money ( Like I did ) on the movie, you can read the book and imagine the story MUCH better than the movie itself. For the other group, go watch as it is satisfying.


Okay, now, for today's update...

Damn fun la today, well, not really. We ( as in, the debate team ) planned that we would go watch Transformer today but in the end, only 2 of us ( Josh and me ) agreed to watch. Since there's only 2 of us, I thought it's better to postponed it but against all odds, we didn't. Anyway, both of us arrive there something like 8.50-ish and met at KFC ( I always confuse KFC with McD xD ). We first walk around like idiots, talking and crapping all the while. Then, we decided to go to the Popular bookshop. We loiter around, again, like idiots, commenting the books' title. We saw book called WarCraft, how cool is that :P. Anyway, something at 9.00pm. We went to the ticketing area and bought our tickets first. Phew, good thing we got the middle row ( We only bought 2 tickets btw ). So then, we went jalan2 again. Guess who we saw, High School guys.. "great"... Goodthing it's just a bunch of twerps, haha, nah, just messing with ya'. No offense if you reading this xD. We then check the Cyber cafe near the movie theater, in hope that we'll see Soh Jiaming or a sign of Gabriel playing DotA but we were wrong, they weren't there.. aww.. xD.

Anyway, by 9.25 , we went to the movie theater and get Joshua his unhealthy eating habits' food. Inside, we waited for the movie to start and I suddenly got the tempatation to buy drinks, so I went out to get some. As I was queueing up, Josh called me, and told me something to do something but I couldn't get the message as it was too freaking noisy and I ask him to send me a sms instead. So he did, apparently, our captain is coming and I had to buy the ticket for him. Wth, talk about a change of mind -.- . Anyway, I rushed to the ticketing counter again as soon as I finish buying my drinks. Guess what, seat's full, only 1 empty seat.. 1 !!!. How ironic, but too bad it's the 2nd most front row. Poor Shahrizan. After buying the ticket, I waited for the captain. And I waited, waited, waited again and got pissed off so I asked Kenneth to tell Joshua to tell Shahrizan to speed up a lil'. Joshua then sms me that the show's already starting. Pissed, I went inside. Too bad I missed the first part... Noooo. Anyway, Shahrizan came and I asked him to sit in the same row as ours since it's empty but in the middle of the show, he was asked to move to his right place. So, in the end, he got front row - where he supposed to be.

*Yawn* That's all I guess

Tuesday, 3 July 2007


in class and the teacher is watching me... NOoo... i'm not suppose to be login into this. So this will be short... XD

doing modern math right now.. doing stupid exercise...

Monday, 2 July 2007


This will be short and concise post because I don't have time, I've just edited a few photo which I've taken in Kuching. Mind you that it's only a few.. There's 700++ pictures in total and most of em' are crappy and senseless. If you wanna see the picture click here. If it doesn't work, post your complain in the tagbox.

Well, the movie "Transformer" awaits me and let it not wait me no more as I shall go now.. haha