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Monday, 30 April 2007

I'm lazy -.-"

This few weeks, i've been pretty much lazy bum, I mean in terms of updating blog. Even Leslie's threat to fire doesn't seem to work. (strange huh?)

But now, i've seem to be able to put myself together and finish this damn post.. Yay, for me.

Okay, first thing first, happy birthday to that penguin named Joshua. I did wished him happy birthday during his birthday but re-wishing seem nice :P .Besides, I love wishing people happy birthday for no apparent reason. On the other hand, who cares about why I love doing it? ( Leslie, shut up :P, I know somehow that you're gonna say that you do care and I know somehow that you'll be saying that you don't care as well. Damn, Leslie's mind is a jumble of mess put together in an orderly manner). Anyway, I made Joshua a whole new blog layout, penguin-themed. But oh noes, he's not using it.... Nah... just joking, use it when you want it and don't use it when you don't want it. It's yours now. Actually, i'm a bit saddened that I gave him that layout - It's my best one ever lah. However, I must give more than I take.. I must.. ( ya right... )

Moving on... I went to SMKA's canteen day and damn was it a horrible one. There were simply too many people and heat, well, let's just say that it's fried-potato-ish hot. I went there by hitching my friends since I have no other way whatsoever to go there.

The foods and drinks? Well, didn't try it all because of two reason :

One is because I only bought two drinks worth 5 bucks each. Yup, a scam I tell you but for some reason, I bought it twice. The drinks? Well, so-so only. I wanted to try the chocolate but there were simply too many people buying it and heating chocolate under the hot sun doesn't to appeal to me that much. Besides, the moment I saw those yummy-looking chocolates, I was already broke.

Opps, almost forgot about the second reason. Actually, I already forgot >_>...


Okay, just got back from dinner... Oh ya, the 2nd reason. Well, I was at SMKA for like 25 mins then I'm gone. Why? well, you know why... it was simply too crowded, too noisy and too pasar-ish..

Moving on to a more important things.. My kittens got attacked!! Nooo!!

3 attacks so far. 1st attack killed one of the kitten. 2nd attack were fumbled by me and 3rd attack left the other kitten seriously wounded. Took it to the vet today.

I don't really remember where was the vet because I kinda doze off during the trip. I just got back from school you know... Anyway, the vet was kinda.. pathetic.. It's like a clinic for humans but less people, cheaper, uglier and the doctor is cold.. Got 2 types of medication from my kitten; one for appetite inducing ( thx josh :D ) and the other was the cream which I'm supposed to apply it. Oh, and a syringe.. :P

Cheh, dam annoying wild cat. Keep trying to kill my kitten.. Damn it, feel like killing it >_>

Oh well...

Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Currently in sch's cc cuz of think.com thingys.

This will be a very short post due to lack of privacy. :P

so tra~

Friday, 20 April 2007


Okay, since the post about the debate finals offended someone or some group ( I don't know which part offended them ). Therefore, I shall rewrite with THOUSAND times more caution..

Again, this is through my eyes. If I missed a few parts, it may intentionally or my memory failed me..

Before the debate:
I come to school, sign in. Went to the hall and found that my team members are missing so, I went to do my usual morning duty. At assembly area, found out that the Emcee is missing so I had to go up ; replacing him. I emceed horibbly >_>

We pretty much just discuss and sang a song at the end.

The debate was awesome.

Since I didn't went up to the stage, I might as well use that opportunity to speak. It was fun xD

WOOT, we won and Josh got best speaker.

After that:
Eat, Eat, Eat. Burp!

There you go, a post that SHOULDN'T offend anyone...

Thursday, 19 April 2007


Phew, will be going to KL this Saturday for HELP cup debate. For more information, google it.

Anyway, we weren't informed of any motions so therefore, anything can come out. Therefore, before going KL, we need to equip as much information as possible and that sucks.

I'm a lazy bum that has a mind that can only concentrate not longer than 2 hours (
probably less :P ). I'm currently studying 3rd world and WOW!! that's alot. I never expected that topic can cover ALOT*. Oh ya, I'm using wikipedia to study if anyone was wondering ( which I highly doubt ).

I wondered why we never learn this in school. I mean, these things are related to us ( We are one of the coutries that counted as 3rd ) and I do find it quite important.

Anyway, won't blog much today cuz still have alot to read. I seriously prefer to read this than read my History textbook which is long, boring and fact-packed.

Okay, back to study...


P/s: Zhi Wei said that ALOT* is an understatement.. xD

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Learn >_>

Now in school's cc... learning modern maths..

crap >_>

so bored

Thursday, 12 April 2007


Was youtube-ing and found this. I guess some people are born with talent. Well, this guy was borned with outstanding talent. I mean, omigosh... just watch -.-'..

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Beyond wordless

My gf just called me a few mins ago. Apparently, she and her brother had an accident. She was unscathed but a shaken. Her brother is in critical condition currently. Let us hope for the best for her brother...

Friday, 6 April 2007

La La La La - The Continuation

Hahahaha, I left the last post for 2-3 days without finishing it XD. Sorry lo, it's not that i'm lazy.. It's just that... Oh wait, I AM lazy hahahahaha...

Anyway, back to the topic.. and what would that be you asked? Well, I don't know either.. lemme check first XD. I have a really bad memory.. Oh, the debate..

Okay, debate. It was boring, tense, crap and finally fun. <--chronologically ordered.

First it was boring cuz we have to wait for the SDBL debaters to come, then we have to wait for the always-late adjudicators. Well, they are Malaysian, right? And what do you expect from an average M'sian, 'punctuality'? duh~

After they arrived, the debate started off with just a few mins of delay, which is, of course, better than last time, where we had to wait for what it seem like forever for them to come in. From my point of view, the first impression I have on them are they're pros. They've been debatin' since form 1 and so I worried abit but soon found out that it was contrary from what I've expected. No, they're not bunch of n00bs, they're good but I thought they were better. Oh well.. Oh ya, I sat somewhere the front row and GOD, it was damn cold. The air-cond were exactly aiming at the front row. I was shivering somewhere during the 2nd speaker and stopped my ability to think rationally. O wait, in fact, everything was a blur O_O. Torrents of confusion and surge of cold air. That's why I thought the debate was crap somewhere in the middle cuz IT WAS FREEZING COLD!! Okay, not the debate but the spectators' front row seat.

And then the fun part, which is during the time where spectators are allowed to give comment whatsoever. Of course, I took the chance and was first to give. Oh ya, before I forgot, Austeen sat beside me and uttered something very quotable and quite relevant to the motion. So I went in front there and said:

" Pleasant morning to one and all, I'm from HS and I'm here to support my team, obviously. I'm here to give an example to the my 2nd speaker's point, that is 'hormonal imbalance'. Now, let me quote a friend of mine who was sitting beside me. He said and I quote " I support porn", *half-laughing* Now, clearly, we can see that by saying this, we know that this person have a characteristic of juvenile delinquent. Obviously, this person is having his usual hormonal imbalance..." ( I'm lazy to type the rest xD)

Well, something like that but anyway, as Master Yoda puts it, fun, it was. Humiliate, I did xD .

Well, folks, that all for now. I'm getting lazy and the call of the game is getting louder so..


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

La La La La~

Okay, firstly, to Leslie and that "thing" called Joshua, will you please please stop harassing me and force me to update. I'll update when I want or can update. In the last few weeks, I wasn't been able to update due to some annoyance that comes from my 5 y.0. cousin everytime I turned on the computer. Currenly, they're in Summit with my mom. So basically, i'm temporarily free but not for long.

Anyway, let me quote a few from Leslie and Joshua to show they're harassing me :P :

"I will send virus to you if you don't update :D" -Leslie

woih update lah" - Joshua

The harassment are still there in tagboard currently, fresh as ever :P.

Okay, let's get back to the main topic of this post..

Today, which is 3rd of April, 2007, Shahrizan, Joshua and Soh Jiaming had a debate with SDBL and to put it short, they've won :P . I'm not debating in this round to let Shahrizan debate as he hasn't been debating for a long time. A little warm up for the real thing.

All I can say about the debate was that everybody has improved and that Shahrizan is higher then high xD. Damn, he was good.

If you guys wanna full view of the debate, you can go to Josh's blog, he'll update in a few hours or day.

OMG, they've come back.. sorry for the lameness of this post. I'll continue this post later