What's In My Head

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I'm okay

Time heals, and I'm a living proof.

A few days ago, I was just texting with one of my NS friend, updating on how he's been. He complained to me his miserable life in a college and asked me how to make life better. I told him to be patient and keep a positive mind and at that moment, I felt kinda hypocritical. So I opt to change

and so I did.

I guess recent happenings kinda dull my senses, blinded me from seeing the greener side of life. So I revert back to my old self - the old carefree me and I'm happy... For real =D

About my holiday, nothing much has happened, go out with friends, watch movie, crap around. Still, that doesn't change the fact that I'm still uber bored. This blog turned from a blog to a heap of dung of boring-ness. *sigh*

Herm.. One question - would people look at me differently if they know who I really am?

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Between the lines

If time was really moving at a varying speed, then I would say time has been moving slow and continues to slow down during my entire holiday. But I'm happy, I guess and that's all that matters.
Been feeling depressed lately as if I'm losing my will to live
Good thing I have friends. If not, my holiday would've been worse. At least with them, I feel alive =P .Having such caring friends really does put colour in your life and I appreciate them a lot. Especially my secondary school friends, they made a rainbow out of my black and white life. =D
I'm feeling lonely, I need someone. I want to love and be loved at the same time, why is it that hard?
Oh yeah, this past two weeks have really been an inspirational period for me. I've attempted to make music using a software called FL studio last year and now, I'm pretty much addicted to it - I can never get enough of em'. Ideas have been pouring into me like nuts and because of that, I'm deprived of my sleep. Urgh, panda eyes all over again. I'm happy nonetheless.
I making more songs these past few weeks because I wanted to express myself more, a bottle has its limit as to how much pressure it can take. I feel like a whirlwind going through my head. Nightmares keeping me awake every now and then. I'm feeling angry to myself. I want love.

Urgh, sleepy lah.

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Dear blog,

I'm bored.


Okay, enough blogging about my life, time to write something with more life. Time to blog about cats! Yes, you read it right, it's cats, lao mao, kucing or whatever you call it. Those furry lil' thing will be on the spotlight in this post.

Nah, I'm just kidding.

Having nothing else to blog, guess I'll write up about Manga!

Manga has always been a part of me, I grew up around Manga. The first one being Dragon Ball, a manga about fighting and only fighting. In fact, all there is to it IS fighting. After that, I started reading Sailormoon. Before you laugh ( I know you are now =.= ), they are my sisters'. I have 3 of em' and all of them like Sailormoon. So, having finish reading dragonball, all 42 Volumes of them. I had no other choice but Sailormoon. Again, it's about fighting, well, partially about love but at age 10+, I don't give a damn about love. =D Yes, kiddies, at that age, I've no friend and no life, what do you expect me to do anyway? lol

Since then, manga has been evolving until now. It now has so many genres, that even I, the great manga reader, don't know. Shounen, shoujo, seinen, and many more. Eh eh, a sudden surge of laziness just came to me. So guess I'll write something shorter. =P

I'm currently reading Chii's Sweet Home. The manga is about the life of a kitten who got lost, found by some kid and lived. As to why I'm reading it? I have no idea. It's just pure adorable-ness. Haha. I've read too much gory and bloody mangas to the point where I'm actually blogging about Kitty manga.

Oh yeah, I'm currently working on a new track and I kinda like it. =D

However, as Joel said it, it's gonna take patience and inspirations for me to finish it. I have no problem with the inspiration part but being patient is biggg problem for me. Haih Haih.

Hopefully, I can finish it.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Hey there, yeah, you. I'm referring to the wall.

Anyway, I'm still on holiday. Yes, people, I still am and if you're feeling envious of my ridiculously long holiday, well, continue to do so. It's not like I give a damn to your short-compared-to-mine holiday.


Having holiday this long really is amazing. Why? because sooner or later, you'll run out of ideas on what to do. Herrmmm, maybe it's just me. Sheesh, this is the first time I feel my holiday going verrrryyyy sloooowww. So slow, I could literally see a moving snail.

Oh yeah, I've upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 and I think it's kinda awesome. K-i-n-d-a. Sure, the whole look is futuristic and all (I used XP before this) and some of my games are running slightly more smoothly. However, I still miss XP, lol. I'm still getting used to all the changes in windows, like setting IP address, enabling/disabling hardware, etc, etc. You know, stuff that'll ruin your computer. I really love the new taskbar, it's the bar at the bottom of screen with all those fancy buttons, in case you don't know :P . In XP, every running application, folders are listed in taskbar to the point where it gets crowded and messy. Well, guys in windows did an amazing job on the new taskbar, now every application and stuff are put into group according to their default application. So, let's say I open 10 firefoxs, 10 folders with 10 MSN chat windows. In the taskbar, you'll only see 3 icons - folders, MSN and firefox and clicking or hovering your mouse cursor on them would open up a list of all the windows relating to that icons. I noticed that if your firefox is running a video, the thumbnail in taskbar will show the video too which I think is a nice touch to the taskbar. Other than that, at the right-most of the taskbar is a small rectangle by which if you click on it, it'll quickly minimize everything and show the desktop.

Eh, I didn't plan on writing a lengthy overview on W7 but I did anyway, so what the heck.

Anyway, what I intended to do was this:

Google Tricks :
Type in one these and click on I'm feeling lucky

Google Blue
Google Goth
Google l33t
Google loco
ewmew fudd
Google BSD

It's kinda cool and funny. You should try it =D

Oh yeah, btw, I've met someone which I hope to be the one I'm looking for.