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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Of notes and harmonics

August Rush inspires.

Am I too old to start listening to the music?

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Between eating and expelling what you've eaten

I just came back from my Software Application class, 1 hour earlier then I'm suppose to. Oh well, nothing to do there anyway since all she wanted us to do was finish up our frontpage work which I think I have finished it. All I did for the past 1 hour was editing my future blog's layout. Unfortunately, I didn't bring my pendrive and everybody else is using theirs. So, I had to leave it all in that computer. Haih Haih, 1 hour wasted just like that. However, knowing that I've wasted more hours before that seems to make that 1 hour less significant than it really is. At least I was there in the class, though it was only for an hour which is better than none.

Anyway, from the free 1 hour I have now from leaving the class early, 15 minutes will be utilized to type this post. The rest pulak will be last-minute revision time since I have Maths and Econs quiz today. Rawr as Aaron would've expressed it. I have faith in me in Econs but I'm feeling kinda scared of my Maths quiz. Really! Back in my secondary school, I had confidence most in Maths. That confidence is now gone. How sad is that? I used to enjoy doing Maths, now I suffer because of it. I used to love thinking of mathematical solutions, now I loathe doing so.

Time change...

so do I...

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Just a short post on the few things I've did for the past few days.

I dowloaded Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Microsoft FrontPage!!

Expect this blog to change in its appearance in the next few weeks, lol.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Random thoughts

*skip the first 2 paragraphs if you are familiar with the economics concept of elasticity*

In economics, elasticity is the ratio of difference in one variable to the difference in another variable. It calculates how sensitive or how responsive of a variable towards another variable. To put in a simple way, girls or female in general loves shopping for clothes and other accessories related to bodily attractiveness. In response to that, any discount on clothing or any sort of complement goods will affect greatly on the quantity that they will be purchasing - almost to the point of perfectly elastic, if I may add, but of course, it's only through my view - not to say my views are inaccurate or unreliable. :D

Moving on, one of its determinants is the portion of income a particular good takes in comparison to other goods. In normal English, it is how much money you're putting in to purchase that item. The more money you need to put in to buy it, the more elastic it is and vice versa. For example, the price of a type of sweet is 20 cents. Let say that the price of that particular brand of sweet increase by 100%, meaning that it is now 40 cents, people, primarily kids or sweet-tooth individuals will continue purchasing that sweet as if nothing ever happened. This is due to the fact that sweet that costs 20 cents will not take a big portion of an individual's income. To show an opposite example, let say that the price of laptop increases by 10%, people will tend to buy less of that item due to the fact that laptop cost a lot and takes up greater percentage of people's income.

Now, I shall attempt to apply all of those stuff in real life - not mine lah.

Love, some people call it heaven, some people call it hell and I know the person who calls it hell. However, who calls it what matter not in this post because I friggin' say so. I'm gonna crap on the varying view from people about love. The big picture is how much of problem it is, provided that it really turns out to be a problem or how elastic are people towards love when it's a problem

My say is, it all depends on that individual as to whether how much does that person care about it. In short, how much can she/he give a damn about love woes. If a person, like me, who don't really give a damn about it, then that person will be very unlikely to be troubled by such a petty thing called love. However, the view of such type of person is uninteresting to point of monotonous.

Let's view from the perspective of a person with opposite belief - what if love matters are of such great importance to him? What length is he/she going to take in the name of love since that individual is very elastic towards such matter?

Though I present the questions, alas, I don't have the answer to that.

Haha, I'm just writing down the stuff I've been thinking for quite some time. All of which inspired by my lil' troubled friend.

By the way, anyone providing the answer?

Monday, 5 October 2009


Mwahahaha, been quite some time since I've updated anything in this blog (like I've never said that before). I was busy, well, not all the time but I had a lot of assignments (not), homework (yeah, lotsa!), and a presentation (which I believe to be very lame since I forgot half of the thing I wanted to say but what the heck, it's over! WooHoo!). I never knew presentation could be fun, especially when you've finished it, haha. It's so relieving having it done and over - it's like exploding after a week of constipation, not that I've experienced it before. xD

Next up, another MPW presentation, "rejoice"! Talking about the process of governing which, till now, I've no idea how it goes but thanks to Apez for the big picture of it, haha. Spec Maths test is around the corner, it's probably going to be this week. Hopefully, not on tuesday. Hermm, and english presentation week after this. Yeah, you heard me, presentation, with slide show! -.- . I'd be happy if it's only a speech but now I have to create one slide show. *sigh* This pretty much shows how lazy I am, haha!

Next up, green! I joined up one club called the Green Knights. By the name of it, you'll understand that it's an environmentalist club. Mind you, I joined other clubs besides this. Anyway, somehow, I'm really feeling it - the calling of nature. That sounds wrong but you get the idea, lol. So here's my proof of being green
Haha, nah, it's just that I found a software called "MyColors" which I think is kinda nifty - it'll be MUCH better if it's free for use. The theme I'm using is free.

Oh well, at least it's neat!