What's In My Head

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Dark Eden

Time flies in the speed of light
and abruptly halt like collided times
Pandora's Box opened
and evil reigned over
But hope there is not
only evil, only malice
But lives continue to flow
like undead living in dark glow

Nah, I'm no emo now.

I wrote that poem for my English essay. I chose the one word title which is "2040"

But ya, basically I was emo-ing during that time; had my History test before that and, well, it was ugly, really really ugly >_>

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


After weeks and weeks of unannounced and sudden hiatus ( Not that it never happen before.. )
, I'm finally back. Yes, back. Unfortunately, I'm on exam. I know it's bad timing but who cares. I miss posting. xD

Lots and lots of thing to write but not now though - at least not all of it.

Okay, no time to lose here. I shall begin with the worse daily morning assembly. Somewhere around 3 weeks ago. I emceed another usual assembly (again!). When the Lutfi fella was talking, the PA system went down. So, following his natural animal instinct, he yelled. Then he ended, I panic.

What the hell should I do?

What the hell should I do?

Unless you're really really oblivious to who I am, you should know that I'm no loud mouth.

So, I do what all normal human beings would do, join in the yelling...

And that particular event was marked as the most embarrassing moment for the year 2007....