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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Of baldness (again) and Holidays

Firstly, HOOOOORRRRRRAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unofficially announced ( in fact, they didn't even announce it ), the prefect-must-cut-ala-johore thing is canceled or at least postponed.

Next, holidays!!

Holiday in another 2 days' time and can't wait for it ^^

Yes, it is short cuz i have no time -.-

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Guitar Pro - Not me!

Well, just got back from my friend's house. Helped him with some stuff. I don't see why I should go on detail on that.

So, before that, I was in Summit.( Yes, yes, I know summit's so ancient but it's still the best to me :P ). Didn't do much there, just bought a new DVD - Guitar pro software! Finally, the program which I've been looking for ages ( My last one seem to have disappeared -.- ). Been wanting this program for ages. The trial only lasted for 15 days! Will install it after I finish typing this post.

Today wasn't really that fun but it was okay. Just catching up with the old time.

Sooo, guess that's it. So happy whatever-you're-doing!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Baldness and Cert - Continuation


Now, I KNOW where they got the inspiration..

It's none other than...

Baldness and Certs

You know, life will never cease to come up with more dumb stuff when you least expected and you know what, they never seem to stop making me laugh - of getting high on penguin, to getting high on Dodo. Now what? Well, it's "get bald and get a certificate".

Well, you heard the story, you've read the newspaper - Johor students are going to get bald and all of em' will get a certificate for unwillingly cut their hair monk-style.

Anyway, my school saw this news as "a step to achieve zero defect". Being kiasu and nerd, they chose to make this haircut a must for all students, and of course, starting from prefects. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

Anyway, seeing that almost nobody followed it, they thought off a better plan. "We shall give them certificate". And there goes the dumb idea - get a haircut ala johor style and get a certificate as a sign of appreciation.




Firstly, "we" are not SO desperate for certificate to the point where we wanted to be bald. I mean, wth, they're better off asking us to shave our hair under our armpit than to make our heads look like an egg.

Imagine someone interviewing for a high-post and use that certificate in his resume.

CEO : So, why do think you are liable for this job?
Josh : Because I was once bald and I have a certificate for it.
CEO : -.-"""

Such chio-istic idea

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Of AGM and a cup of Milo

Ah... This week is Annual General Meeting week @ AGM - where people start soliciting around with their manifesto to vote them for this and that post. Such childishness always made me laugh

After all, life is just a parody.

School's dumb enough to force all the persatuans, kelabs, persatuan-beruniforms to do their AGM at the same time - made me lose a post.

adios for now

Saturday, 4 August 2007

360° and yet, I'm alive

I should have update about this yesterday night but since I'm so tired last night and sick too, I was forced to sleep xD . Anyway, yesterday went to a funfare beside the BP mall with my sis and had a heck lotsa fun ( adrenelin rush too :P ).

The admission fee was 2 bucks for adult and a buck for younging. I thought that would cover all the rides but nooo, you have to pay seperately. In order to ride those rides, you have to give them tokens ( yes, token like those in the arcades ) Only these tokens cost 2 bucks each and some ride cost like 3 tokens per people. Expensive? Hell it is! Some of the rides looks pretty ancient and some I doubted its safety. Just go there and see it for yourself, you'll die out of worry.

Anyway, overall, my sis and me spend 40-ish bucks and of course, we weren't satisfied. Except the first ride we rode that is the 360° thingy ( I missed the name ). The ride that spins and spins and continue spins vertically and at one time, leaving you upside-down for 20-25 seconds ( It feels kinda long when you're the one who rode it ). Yes, I did scream out of fear ( I've vertigo ). I've the video of the ride but can't seem to upload it ( I'll try again later ).

Then we went for bumper cars, yay! ( twice :P ). Tried taking picture while driving guess it was a bad idea ( Now I know why you don't drink and drive, cuz your drink might spill. Same thing goes for camera! ). Fortunately, my camera was unharmed except a few scratches.

On my 2nd ride on the bumper car, 3 chinese dudes join up and damn, they were aggresive. They even teamed up to crush me. Bloody hell! Unfortunately, I didn't get my chance to seek revenge.

Then we went for the rollercoster (*cough*notsafe*cough*). It was pretty lame actually, we just spin around for 6 rounds, gaining speed on every round. The ride wasn't that smooth - alot of sudden stops and acceleration which supposed to be scary but instead, painful. We went for the front-most row just in case someone might puked, and to get the maximum thrill which, again, failed cuz the ride was way beyond lame. There's these 2 lil' girls who sat right behind us and throughout the whole ride, they screamed, they yelled, they annoy us and they hurt our ears.

For the finale, we went to a "ghost house" which my sis and I think that it's A WASTE OF MONEY ( never even think of paying for it ). The supposed-to-be ghost house was a retarded one. Why? We go in, we walk, walk, walk. Saw some retarded "ghost". Walk, walk, walk. Saw another bunch of dumb "ghost" then that's the end. WTH!!!! I paid you to freakin scare me!! and what did you gave me? A big utter crap show. Anyway, since we already paid, we cam-whore abit xD.

Phew, tired we were but the adrenaline rush from the 360 degrees thingy was still there. Then, we went for our dinner at some restaurant and went home afterwards.

For the video, I'll "try'' uploading it again later on...

That's all for now!

Edited : The pic gone wrong. Had to remove it