What's In My Head

Sunday, 22 November 2009

There are just those moments that you feel like kicking yourself in the butt for being rash and not thinking something through.

I guess I'm having one those moments.

Friday, 13 November 2009

There are survivors?

Just watched the movie 2012, thanks to Amirul. haha. I never knew today is the first day it is screened. Lucky for me, he got 3 tickets! However, we aren't all that lucky - we had to sit in the 1st row and that would be my first experience watching a movie from the 1st row. It's not all that bad, I did not, even though I kinda expected it, sprain my neck. The seats were quite far from the screen. The only problem was that the screen was to bloody wide. It's like looking at picture up close - you can't focus on the whole picture. Plus, the movie was all about earth getting whacked from the inside and she goes crazy and I can't see all the destruction. Damn, that was frustrating. I am not sadistic, they spent like nuts doing all the CGs so I can't afford to not see them. ;D

Now for the movie itself. One word, pure awesomeness!

Really, the movie started at 10 and finished at 1230-ish but I didn't even feel the movie being too long. I sat for 2 and a half hours and before I knew it, it ended.

lol, okok, I think a proper review is in order.

Basically, the movie's about end of earth, judgment day, the ending or whatever lah. Sure there are a few movies out there about end of world and all of them have different ways of approach - alien attack, meteors, serious sun burns, lol. This time, the earth overheats due to some happening on the sun. The movie started with different group of people, different perspective, each having different lives. However, each group has roles to play in that movie and it is interesting to see how they cross each others' path along the movie. I'm desperately trying not to spoil too much, lol.

The graphics were just awesome, and as I've said, a waste if left unwatched, haha. I love how they portray the process of the world getting destroyed - somewhat artistic, in my opinion lah :D. Nothing much to say here cuz I'm lazy. Oh yeah, and the sound is good too.

Now, for my rantings and crap :D

It kinda hit me in the face, the aspect of the end of earth, aspect of dying. If it really happens, how is it really going to happen, the chaos. Will humanity actually survive and "repopulate"? Or will everything get destroyed, leaving us no prospect of surviving? Thinking it gives me the goosebumps, really. Final words for this post would be "How come there are survivors?"

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Would you like fries to go with that freedom?


I found that it getting harder and harder for me to blog. Reasons being non-related to my laziness, not that I'm saying that I'm not. There are just so many distraction around here. Like what?

EXAM lah!

But fret I shall not, at least not for now. My last paper would be 2 days from now and the lecturer did drop a warning, saying that the paper is going to be difficult. Shit. Before this, he said that AUP's calculus paper was going to be easy. Guess what? It wasn't at all. It wasn't at all. In fact, it was so hard, my Facebook was literally flooded by their complaints. I pity them for getting tricked by such statement. When somebody say something is easy, the immediate reaction would be the sigh of relief. Then, comes the relaxed mood. Then, comes the slacking. Finally, during exam, cursing would be the only option. Please note that I'm talking about myself, though I know some are like me - the minority group of minorities.

After that would be holiday. I'm not sure why but I think I won't be enjoying the holiday. No idea - a hunch maybe?