What's In My Head

Monday, 10 September 2007

There goes another string!

If you refer to the post right before, you should notice that I went to Carrefour? Why?

Because I broke a guitar string ( Eh, my dad actually ), so I had to replace that string so I was there to but strings. Yes, strings cuz I decided to change all the strings since it looked so freaking worn out. ( Original colour: White, Now: Copper orange ) Yeah, you get the idea.

So here I am, complaining. Know why?

Because I broke another string, DRAT!! ( this time it's my fault ). You see, I got this software from a friend - Guitar Pro v.5 ( quite famous ). Being "clever", I used the tuning tools ( they show whether your tuning is correct or not thru mic ). So I turned, turned, turned and *piang* goes the string. The first thought came was...

"What the hell did I do?"

Seriously, what the hell did I do? I mean, it's not even correct yet that time and bloody hell, It still tells me to turn it even though the pressure on the turner was strong.

And yes, I'm aware that most of the blame goes to me!


Next topic, SCHOOL!

No. no more teacher-complaining or condemning the school!

This time, it's about how I'm currently screwing up, really...

Ah damn, just remembered got another homework to do..

So let me simplify it..

Chemistry : Make less sense than penguin on a pitchfork *horrors*
Biology : Fact-pack! And I seriously hate facts and names that doesn't sync with me xD
Physics : Too much sense needed, making it senseless as it is -.-
History : screwed beyond repair - Too many facts, dates and names ( I repeat, I hate these kind of things ). Beside, I think the last thing I learnt about form 4 was somewhere in chapter 5 and currently, I'm on the 10th chapter - the last chapter... >_>

Yeah, it's apparent that I'm screwed! weee, yesh, I'll try to fix it..

Off to tatabahasa xD

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Matters of guitar and school day

Ah, finally, my guitar is finally 6-stringed :P . The 4th string broke a few days ago and I was just too busy and honestly lazy to go out and buy the strings. Bought it at Carrefour. And yes, that means I just got back from there. I don't know why but destiny always leave me in questions - meeting TWO teachers from High School seems very peculiar ( and one three high school guys -.- ). It's not that I hate them or something like that, it's just annoying seeing these people after school. ( I was in school uniform )

Plus, today's Saturday :P . Apparently ( haha ), we have to ganti one of our holiday ( again! ). Forgot which one though.

Anyway, today's attendance was horrible ( no shock here! ). My class attendance was 12/29, next class was 6 out of 30-ish. So basically, today sucked :P . However, I still can't find the reason why teacher still insisted to teach. I mean, I read one of the P&P rule and it states that there's no need to teach if 50% or more students are absent or simply not there. Anyway, doesn't really 'bother' me 'that' much. Really!

Now I'm off to ultimate-guitar!