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Thursday, 29 March 2007


Ok Ok, I don't really have the time to update a full post cuz my annoying cousin is here and he annoys me to death >_>

editted: enjoy this

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Short Post

I'm bored and lazy now. Therefore, this will be a short post.

Got myself a thumb drive! W00t! 1Gb for just RM34. Freaking cheap, I tell you!! I think they should call a pinky drive instead of thumbdrive. This pic will show you why

See how freakish small it is? I'm gonna have trouble keeping it :P

That's all I guess and enjoy this short yet nonsensical movie by me!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Fun Fun Fun~

Okay, lotsa of things to write..

First thing first, this morning. I watched "Breakfast show" hosted by ermm.. dun remember. Anyway, as the show progresses from one topic to another, one topic really interest me. A topic about "mat rempit in Youtube". Yes, apparently, Mat and Minah Rempit-s are not technologically impaired, contrary to what I belief. Still, I still stand firm on my belief that they're mentally impaired. Anyway, I thought maybe I should give em a call, you know, to comment and so I called.. and waited.. and waited until a guy pick up the phone. He asked me my name, where I come from and what's my comment. At that time, I stuttered and went "OMG, what should I say". At least the message was clear, I think. The guy told me to wait as they try to connect me. I told myself, "calm down, calm down" and continue to wait. Then, I was either cut off cuz of technical problem or I simply got hung up. The host went " Looks like we missed another caller from Umair". -.-"

O well, at least it was fun xD

What else, what else?

Oh ya, yesterday was one heck of a fun day. Me, Afiq ( both still in HS, hopefully ), Faiz ( SMS Alam Shah ), Akmal ( Teknik, dun remember which one :P ) and Zuhair ( SMS Johor* ) had a reunion at Summit.

Summit, frankly, is slowly dying. It's clearly visible by the number of people, which I think reduce by a few %-s. A few shops gone missing, and the most appalling of all is that.. Medan Selera is demolished.. Nooooo... That place was the best, the food was unexpectedly good and the price was right. It had some privacy too.

Anyway, let's get back to the main topic -.- . We planned this yesterday and 4 of us agree to come at 10 am. Since all 5 of us inherit Malaysians' unpunctuality, I was the first one to arrive, and I thought I was the late. Apparently, 3 of em' were still stuck in a bus and 1 of em' just woke up. I arrived at 11.00am and 3 of em' arrived about 20 mins after me and the other guy arrived at 12+, talk about average Malaysians' punctuality, huh?

Sooo, anyway, we bought tickets to see the movie "Brigde to Tampa... Thamphe.. watever lah! " ( I can't remember, the name's too dumb ). We bought only 4 cuz the other guy haven't arrived. Actually, we haven't even confirmed whether that guy's gonna come or not. So anyway, I had to queue for like 20 mins to buy the bloody hell tickets. After that, the 4 of us went to Medan Selera to have our breakfast but as we arrive there, we learnt the shocking truth that is not there anymore and we went "OMG!!, let's go to KFC".

So we went to KFC.

As we munched through chickens and burgers. The 5th guy arrived and we went WTF-ed cuz we didn't bought him a ticket. So asked him to join our breakfast at the expense of his own money and buat-dunno about the movie ticket. Till, that is, we finished and famished and then we told him to go buy himself a ticket. Oh, and the movie was suppose to start by the time we arrived at the cinema to buy the ticket. Since i'm nice, I accompanied him while the rest got in first. The queue was unbearably long, seriously. By the time we got the ticket, it's already 1.30pm and the movie was suppose to start at 1pm. We rushed inside just to find out that the movie haven't started. Flabbergasted, I sat beside my friends. Apparently, there seem to be a little bit of problem with the audio system. We waited and waited and waited till it's like 2pm and A guy told us to scram in polite manner. He also announced that we can redeem our ticket as well.

So there you go, another 20 mins wasted on queueing up again to redeem the tickets. So, overall, we wasted 50 mins on queueing up.

Nothing to do, we circled summit a few times, talking about their new school. Jealous crept up to me. I missed the ole' time where we could just meet during recess and talk crap like there's no tomorow.

It seem that their new school made them abit passive. They're quieter compare to when they're in HS.

So, all in all, the reunion at the summit turns out to be quite a fun one afterall xD...

Oh ya, before I end this post, just quick announcement that I got an admission form from SMS Muar ( sekolah menengah sains muar ). Worry not, you will as I'm not going there. Let's just hope my parents would accept that -.-"

Monday, 12 March 2007


Me and Josh today had a really really great time. First, we had discussion about our debate. Then we were bored and started crapping XD..

We recorded alot but Josh deleted most of it for no apparent reason. What's left is only this :

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

I'm sick and kicking

Yesterday, i had to mc ( medical check out.. izzit? :P ) cuz i had flu, cough and fever all at one go. So basically, it's hellish i tell you. Pure Hell. I had to cover myself with layers upon layers of selimut-s like a cacoon just trying to make me sweat. The effect were fast, few seconds later, I was sleeping in an incinerator. I was literally bathing in sweat. Well, I didn't really sleep cuz duh~ I was freakin' burnin. Only had to stay inside that cocoon for 30 minutes cuz my shirt is like damn wet and I can't stand the heat. Went out of my room just to realize it was 10am.

So I was thinkin' "Why the penguin* do I have to fall sick at this day!"

Yesterday, I missed out 2 major things.. And when I say "major", I really 'do' mean it. To put it simple, experiences that happen once in a lifetime experience. Okay, let's lay out the 2 things that i missed out :

1. Josh MC-ed (Master ceremony) for the first time!!!!!! Dammit, I really want to see him suffering up there ( HoHoHo, I'm such a sadistic guy :P ). He just became a fully fledged prefect in like.. 2-3 weeks ago. And yes, he's wearing blazing to school now :P. So anyway, he was suppose to be MC last week but the weather did not compromise with me :( . BUT, with the power that was entrusted to me, I dengan bangganya put him as MC this week. Specifically, yesterday. Alas, my health didn't approve me watching Josh suffer ( Oh, such wasted moments ). Hehehe, but with power bestowed upon me, I shall put him as MC again. Erm, probably after holiday.

2. At 11.45am, an earthquake occur somewhere in Indonesia. The reading on the richter scale were 5+. Usually, Johor won't feel the shock due to ermm.. anything-lah. This time, Johor felt it, Johorian felt it, HSBP-ers felt it. Especially those inside tall building. My classmate felt it but I didn't. I was probably sleeping soundlessly, dreaming up something nonsense. I've been wondering what's it like being shaken by earthquake. I already made a really good punch line. "I was shaken but not stirred" Fulamak, cool siot. Anyway, I'm expecting but NOT hoping for another earthquake. I might be slightly sadist but I do have sympathy.


Currently, I've no voice, well, I do but barely. Still stuck with flu and top it off, a slight unpredictable fever. I can feel these past few days that my temperature keep going up and down. As if the fever itself is toying with me. Well, better get back to my homework XD. I'm really really really far behind from my hw.

Meep~! :D

* = Penguin is not the actual word. Using the actual word may provide the pure-minded readers to be tainted :P

Saturday, 3 March 2007


It's 1.52 am and i'm in INTI Nilai XD