What's In My Head

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Of calluses and ho-hum

When you can't have what you want, it's time to start wanting what you have.

-Kathleen A. Sutton

Phew, I almost went into hiatus mode again, but thanks to my sporadic high-spirited mood, I got myself to update. Haha, talk about weird..

Anyway, my fingertips now look like a zombie's. Really, I'd be looking at it and say "Eew.." A major turn-off, I should say. All of that thanks to my idleness as because of that, I'm now holding my guitar almost 24-7. Heck, my guitar even sleeps with me. I'm not really practising though, I'm just playing it for the fun of it. Which makes me wonder, what the hell am I gonna do with the permanent school-holiday I'm having right now? :P I might work but bah... The question remains as it is.

The result for JPA scholarship will be posted tomorrow!! Worried, I am. Btw, I took actuarial science as my first choice and really hoping for JPA since I heard it's the best after Bank Negara. My SPM isn't that good, mind you. I'm scared of these 2 possibilities : 1. I'm not gonna get JPA at all or 2. I'll get JPA but getting other course than actuarial science. Yes, I'm a picky guy. As to why I chose act. scn. as my first choice, I can't really tell. It's just that my heart seem to be longing for it. Or maybe just because I have no interest other than it. *sigh*

Back when I was in NS, free time was scarce and every break time was appreaciated to last second. Now, I'm home. Free time is everyday, anytime and I feel every second of it is being wasted. I guess it's time to be productive.


Saturday, 21 March 2009

A rebirth

After a year of hiatus, guess I'm back. As to whether I'll be active after this post pretty much depends on how busy or spirited I am. I shall not apologise for leaving this blog for such a long time, but I'll just say "I'm back!"

Seeing that I've left so many events and things unwritten, guess I'll briefly go through.

First big event, I went to NS! Haha. It was rather boring in the beginning and at the end but I did have a good time there. It pretty much boils down on you look at it. A positive thinking is all there is to it ( Thanks to Yi Wei for telling me that ). I was depressed in the first month - all because I was too negative that I failed see the greener side of it. Having new friends are a great boon to me. Especially those you can share you "nuttiness". I considered myself very lucky to meet friends like Vicknes, a cool yet funny fellow, Andrew the true joker, Khai, a true friend and he always be there when you need a friend, Chief ( Daus ), a leader versus a friend and many more and would take 2 whole post to list them out. Unfortunately or fortunately, I was infected with conjunctivis ( A contagious eye disease ) somewhere along the way but in that time only did I discover friends that is very hard to find nowadays. You see, when I got infected, I had to be quarantined and ostracised from the rest of my company mates. I even had to eat at a different time. So one friend of mine took the trouble to send food to my room - Something which I would never forget. Sometimes, it's this little thing that people seem to miss.

I also got to hold and try out M16, woot! ( Yes, the one always used by CT in Counter Strike, or b43 ). It was quite exhilarating shooting with it. The impact on shoulder when shooting isn't really that strong actually - People kept asking me about this. People in public, hear me out! NS is NOT harsh, I repeat, NS is NOT harsh. Although they use alot of psychology *ehem*swearing*ehem* but that actually builds your toughness - The best way for people to grow up is stand back up on their feet after being pushed down. As to whether I changed or not, I really can't tell but people said I've changed abit. I dunno....

Lets move on to other topic, shall we?

I somehow got into remixing songs. The programs I use to do it is FL Studio, quite a nifty programs I should say - It's a good software for newbies and professional. It's simple but the result can be awesome in the hands of a master. I've made a few remixes already but none of them sounded they way I wanted them to sound. Which is why I'm devoting and wasting my time on the Internet learning it. Heck, I even learnt a few basic scales for the sake of it all. I am getting better at it though - It's a slow process but I'll get there somehow.

I guess this post should stop now because I don't really like long post, haha! Besides, I'm going out to buy some stuff. So I'll end it here~

See ya~!