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Friday, 29 December 2006

Zee TwenTeeEighth DeeZemBerr

I'm suppose to write this damn post yesterday but i'm just too lazy, lol. Anyway, yesterday was a High or Low day, a day where form 3 feel damn high or damn low. Why, you asking?? If you're m'sian, you should be ashame of yourself...

On the 28th of December 2006, all form 3 students from all around Malaysia gather at their school to claim their PMR result ( well, not really all, since some of em' are still enjoying their vacation ) As usual, tears of all emotion can be witness, tears of joy, tears of satisfaction and the so-very-often tears of grief ( Well, I only notice tears of joy and it's not ME :P, i don't cry ). Some went over the line and threw the chair which nearly hit the teacher, well that guy got straight As, what do you expect but it was still over-reacting nonetheless.

Anyway HSBP got 54 straight As, 42 of em are 8As and logically, 12 of em are 7As, not too sure about the 9As though, since there's only 1 of em.. The big didn't mention it...

Our rival in gender and results that is TIGS beaten us by overwhelming 103 straight As.. -.-
damn them...

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Reincarnate and Renewed

Well, hey hey folks, my lazy blog, which sadly nobody got the chance to even read it is now officially dead. At least, I approve of it. Wondered why? I FORGOT THE DAMNED PASSWORD!! Rest assured that this blog won't end up like the last one.. hopefully

On a totally unrelated topic, my holiday turned out to be the most boring day ever ( I still have a few days to enjoy it, somehow ). Anyway I pretty much forgot what happened at the beginning of the holiday since it wassooooo~ normal a.k.a FUCKING BORING!!!
ARGGHHH!! HULK SMASH!! RAWRR!!!.... Ehem, as I was saying my holiday were pretty much gone to waste ( wOOt ). On the contrary, I broke a personal record, I downloaded tons of games this month. Gosh, some don't even got a chance to be played. O well.... This holiday is pretty much filled with computer games ( mostly online ). I don't even know what will become of me.

I've heard some asian computer-obsessed nerd died of over-playing ( I think it's true, actually, it is true :P ). This guy faced his monitor for like 72 hours straight and the oh-so-occasionally break for catching up the dream and filling up the food tank ( and water tank too XD ). Eventually, he drop down to his knees and died. Kinda shocking.. not the dying part, the part where he played 72 hours straight... that's like insane.. much more insane than Leslie.. seriously, even Leslie sane enough to know that " No humanoid can survive a 72 hours of game, provided, he is not gay!! " XD



Fucking 51 hours to DAY OF THE DECISION. What?? PMR la. What did you think, dooms day? You wish..

Will talk no further about it since i already made it a taboo to talk, see and hear anything about PMR. Oh snap, I unconciously typed about it. Oh well~ Since I'm on it, wish you all a jolly good X'mas, happy new year and Happy SUFFERING to the form 3s