What's In My Head

Sunday, 28 February 2010


In a place where "the usual" doesn't really exist, it's really hard not to lose yourself.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I wish I am


Tuesday, 23 February 2010


What a joyful day it was
I wish everyday is like today
Weeeee~ wakakaka
The sun shines and the moon brightens our darkest night
I just want.. someone to say it's alright. Deceiving myself doesn't work anymore
To turn our frown upside down


Monday, 22 February 2010

I'm updating because I'm too lazy to do my homework!!

Let the title be a confession! Haha

Guess I'm screwed this week and probably weeks after that but I don't give a damn, at least not now because I'm ignorant. If ignorance really is bliss, I guess I'm the happiest guy on earth. With that said, let me state that most of my homework are yet to be touched, let alone finished. Laugh now, enjoy now and grief and curse later!

Anyway, Akmal, chill!
I know how it feels.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Explain to me why?

It's only the 2nd day back in my hometown and I'm already this fucking bored and lonely

It used to be noisy around me and now it's so quiet. I miss all that noise.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Had I known...

Reached my hometown, Batu Pahat a while ago and I'm surprised as to how much I miss my hometown. Honestly, before this, I thought staying in INTI was a better idea but now I'm here, guess I'll say that was a stupid thought.


Mostly probably because of the faster Internet connection I'm getting here. Tee hee~

And, as cliche as it is, I'll still say it...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

My formal response for another formal response to a formal request

Dear Miss Zhu

RE:RE:Proposal for Romance

In response to your quondam letter in which my proposal was rejected, It is an etiquette of a gentleman that I, at the very least, express my gratitude for considering and actually read my letter of proposal. I would also like to note that I find your firm's pride in quick decision making rather appalling as it clearly proves that female homo Sapiens generally do not utilize their brain in any matter but instead, rely on their limbic system in decision making - It's the part that controls emotion, in case you don't know which I'm very sure to the point of certainty that you don't.

As for the rationale behind your rejection, I have zero interest in such trivial matters as it is merely a rambling from the degenerated and old. Please note that I do not have, as you phrase it, "presumptuous attitude" but rather pity from a successful and reasonable youth to an unwanted and frail woman whom should qualify to be a grandmother. Also, please think before you write ; in your letter, you clearly state in the same paragraph that you were not going to reveal the rationale but you end up writing 6 reasons which, in my honest opinion, vividly shows that you are overly proud and downright dumb.

Below are the response to your reasons:

1. I'm taking this love agenda into a serious business-like manner to suitably depict your current biological age which I need not explain as you should be up-to-date in matters pertaining to your age.

2. I'm saddened by the fact that you are completely oblivious to your own feelings. Let me remind you that during our last meeting, you were blushing to to the point where your face matches the blood red lipstick that you wear so generously on your meaty part on your face that you call as lips.

3. Again, pertaining to the meeting we had, I would gladly prompt you that you were the one who were so enthusiastic in meeting me - the thick sweat marks under your armpits were apparent to public and thus, proving my point.

Please do not get over yourself over my past letter as it was intended for your sister - making you a mere medium that I had to use to get to your sister, who is infinitely a better treat for the eyes compared to you and much importantly, has a heart. I'm pretty sure there is a void of emptiness in your chest which is suppose to be where the heart is. Good news is, you do not have to reply to this letter as I am currently dating your sister and she is my lover with good prospects in being my future wife. As for your size 14 shoe, I gave it to the rats. However, they, too, rejected it due to its unfavourable odour that is strongly radiating from your it.

Thank you

Not yours truly,
Mr. Loh

The nature of me

Sorry to Vijeya for not being able to entertain her - was kinda emo and I don't talk random when asked to, it comes, well, randomly!

Thanks to Karee ( Curry Ayam ) and Aaron for making my emo-ness go poof!

Monday, 8 February 2010


Weekends are so enjoyable

So enjoyable, I could feel time ticking away its' rust.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


I just love my class suddenly, and for obvious reason too - they made my day super friggin awesome. If only someone recorded all of that, I would've watch that n/o times ; n = any constant. Really, I can't remember when was the last time I laughed so hard that long - I'm amazed I could do, lol. Ah, I'm also amazed by my classmates, how little did I know they're that good of an actor. It's like revealing their inner side, well, not all, if you know what I mean. From that presentation, I've learned the fun side of everyone, perchance even their inner-naughty side also. LOL

For my part, I'm not gonna comment anything, wakakakaka - it's just that I had tooooo much fun. Embarrassing, yet fun. What I couldn't comprehend was how calm I was at that time. Herm, probably due to the 1 hour period of non-stop laughing.

Sesiapa yang baca post ni, harap jangan sebarkan ape yg berlaku kat situ. Seriously!
Rules: once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged.

I've never this kind of posting before but no harm comes from trying, right?

Fact 1:
My dad's, grandad's name and even mine are only 5 letters.

Fact 2:
I like my name being short.

Fact 3:
I like music, A LOT.

Fact 4:
I hate evening naps.

Fact 5:
If did had an evening nap, I would be waking up with a really terrible mood.

Fact 6:
I'm always dissatisfied with myself.

Fact 7:
I love to drink cold milk.

Fact 8:
I'm really a shy guy.

Fact 9:
Those who know me will probably say Fact 9 is a big lie.

Fact 10:
I'm currently learning how to play the drum.

Fact 11:
I love new things and hate to be stagnant.

Fact 12:
I'm a mix blood too.

Fact 13:
My blood is red?

Fact 14:
I have a black belt in Taekwondo.

Fact 15:
Fact 14 is the truth.

Fact 16:
I hate sports in general.

Fact 17:
I forgot when was the last time I exercised.

Fact 18:
My weight is bordering thin and normal.

Fact 19:
I eat a lot for someone of my size.

Fact 20:
I like to joke around.

Fact 21:
My jokes are extremely lame.

Fact 22:
I love to bug people.

Fact 23:
I think I think too much.

Fact 24:
I have curly hair.

Fact 25:
I'm random!

Whoa, I never knew writing 25 facts about myself could be this hard.

I'm not gonna tag people since I'm lazy. So, those who read this, feel free to be tagged. =)

In response to Katy's many comments in the last post, I found this layout by Google-ing. After that, I changed the background by adding a bit of myself into. The rest are just basic HTML coding. Herm, I also do other people's layout, provided I have time and I prefer to keep it simple.
Just nudge me in MSN, I'll reply if you ask nicely.

Eh, got meeting now. Dang!


Must be mentally prepared to do what I'm gonna do for my econs presentation



Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Guily of bloggin

Damn, 45 minutes until my spec maths quiz and here I am, blogging, terrible betul.

Anyway, there's some glitch in this layout and I did spent like 5 minutes trying to solve it but meh, that can wait. We live for a greater purpose rather than just blogging.

*evil laugh*

aite, wish me luck people/person!


I have spec maths quiz in another 7 and a half hour and I'm scared shitless.

Ah, I messed up a few of my favourite songs to sound like they're being sung by the chipmunks (Theo!). These songs should be listened moderately because they have super freaking high pitch which is a bad for my ears.
Malasnyer nak study =.=
Oh well...

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Call it my own

Finally, a blog layout that defines a part of me.

It's simple and I love it.

And yes people or person, that's a supply demand graph.


100th post

If I were to blog more regularly and less randomly, I would've reached the 100th post a heck of a long time ago but being me, it's rather expected. Really, My posts are random in all sort of way, my mood changes kinda rapidly - happy in the morning, not-so-happy in the evening but that's part of a teenager's life, I guess. My sudden drive to blog is sporadic to the point where if there was a graph showing my frequency of posting, it would've been like a kid's drawing of grass - going up and down at a rapid succession. What's even worse or better is the content of post! If you have been following ( which I doubt so ) or at least read two or more of my post, you should have noticed that logical stream of thoughts isn't really my thing. I write what I feel like writing and that is certainly not really a good thing to do if it is for exam purposes - the word "screwed" seems to fit well there.

But I'm okay with that. Why? Because my post paints a picture of who I am, well, not all, but I can roughly see what I was 2-3 years ago and how I am currently. The corny/lame side of my is vividly depicted in the choice of words and sentencing in my post, even in the earlier ones. Honestly, I like how I am when I was 16, I'm aware that normal is not really the best choice of word to describe, it shouldn't even be considered but I'm fine with, in fact, I think I like the fact that I wasn't normal. As Vijeya worded it, normal is for boring people and oddity is for people like us. Then again, if everybody is odd, wouldn't that mean odd is a normal thing and ultimately, is trait of a boring person? A little food for thought.

Ah, shit, I'm suppose to do my research proposal but I end up typing this post. Oh well, at least I'm writing something.

Ah, btw btw, thanks a lot to Vijeya for that awesome post! I never quite really see myself as how you described me in that post of yours. Awesome =)

I asked you whether I can say "I love you" to you
Seriously? Did I really have to ask that?
You question my love and it hurts.
You asked me back how I feel about you
and I answered: Like I've never felt for anyone before
and that, my dear, is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Okay, gotta prepare for class.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Suicide Penguins!

Don't mind the title, I just can't think of the topic for this post. So, I'm just putting random titles. Well, a bit of randomness is your life isn't going to kill you. Quite the contrary, in fact - I hope.

Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling goody goody ( The post before this being the proof). Then when class started, I suddenly went emo, lol. I have no idea why but I felt like punching someone, reaaalll hard. The emo dragged on for 4 hours straight. So, if I gave a very cold response to anyone a while ago, I'm sorry, I didn't meant to. I just felt really really angry of something suddenly.

I just came back from an hour session of drumming and it is awesomeeee. Losing some steam in the process. However, I was kinda ticked off by the idiot who screwed around with the drum's position. I didn't drum alone, of course. Good things are meant to be shared. So, I shared the music room with Soo but I do felt sorry for him. Keyboard isn't really the most loudest of instrument and drum isn't really the quietest of instrument. I think he got used to it. I hope. If he hasn't, I'm really really sorry >_<

But I can't promise you it won't happen again, hehe.


Drumming is getting kinda addicting. Even though I still suck at it.


Happy 1st of February to you all =)

Well, it's not really special day per se but I just want to feel happy. The days before this hasn't really been good to me. Too many negative externalities. Hehe

Anyway, I have Economics class in another half an hour and I feel like going for drumming in the afternoon but of that, I'm not sure.

Herm, I'm very certain I did dream last night but I suppose I didn't remember it. All the nights before this were pretty much similar. However, I do remember a little bit of the dreams that concerns someone. Hehe

Alrite, gotta go bathe~
I'm stinky~ wee~

A request for myself

I want to sleep...
but I'm missing someone a lot =(

Why do I feel as if we're friends?
I want you, but you're not giving it to me, aren't you?
I want to say "I love you", but you're not letting me, aren't you?
I want to be close to you, but you're distancing yourself from me, aren't you?
I have feelings for you, but I don't think the feelings you have for me is the same, isn't it?

I want to ask all of these, but I can't seem to bring myself to ask.
I'm afraid of the answers.

I'm such a COWARD
but my eyes can't close.