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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Changed moments

Heya, guess I'm free now to blog - not that I'm not before this as some might have realised. Raya this year is slightly different this year and it's kinda tiring and boring. Not gonna elaborate much on that. That will only worsen my mood.

Somehow, problems seem to unearth on its own even though I tried so hard to bury them. Guess truth is the only way to eliminate them.


I suddenly remembered that I have a history assignment to do. Eh, Eh, I mean, one or two part of it that I need to do since my group mates are taking the rest. Still, it doesn't change the fact that it annoys me. Why? Duh, because it's history! As for english, I'll be doing some sort of creative writing and speech. For the former, guess I'll whip up some nasty sounding crap and for the latter, I'll work on it. Haha.

I still feel lethargic.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Short Post

Selamat Hari Raya! :D

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Chatting with Ngo now. I realized a lot of things. All being bleak in nature. All about life after finishing SPM. It sucks knowing that I have been spoon fed since young. As I moved on to college life, I held on my memories of my secondary school life as that the only thing that can bring me out from my emo-ness.





I just wanna live a quiet, peaceful life. One that is not full of negativity. It's true that it did open eyes - making me realize of how sad life is, of how sad the world we live in. So much woes, so little hope.

Being emo sucks!

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm not sleepy

Okay, the title is lying, I AM tired. It's 4.39 AM and I have a class at 8.00 AM. Yay, in 3 hours and 20 minutes' time, I'll be inside the class, yawning all the way through with my head facing the floor most of the time. Plus, it's specialist maths, w00t, if I'm sleepy then I'll be confused.

6 days till Raya! But I'm going back this friday with my brother n sis.


I'll be skipping class. Some sacrifice has to be made! Utilitarianism!

Doing that also comes with a price, 3 tests in 1 day.

I'm so dead!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not so sporadic update

Eh eh, upon realizing that the character analysis of the movie Australia work that I did so crappily carries marks, I decided to redo it since I'm not planning to screw it up... like I always did back in the secondary school. This post will also serve to educate people, INTI-ans especially on the usage of DC++, the very technology that pretty much screwed, screwing, will be screwing up my educational life here. So, be like me and get screwed!

Just came back from Anna's place and sure am tired as hell. lol. Thanks to Renu and VJ for inviting me. If not, my night would be an extremely boring one. Special thanks to Karen too for standing alone at the side of the road intersection, if not, I wouldn't you girls were going out. Thanks also to Nathalie for hangin out with us, Anna for being so nice to let us visit your home and to Shehan for being an arse! haha. The bottle I'm keeping will always remind me of tonight, xD

Facing quizzes and tests this week and the coming weeks. I'm not prepared for it (like I need to tell you that) and feeling kinda scared. Note the kinda. To me, first test are like a base for me to comprehend the seriousness of my deepshit-ness.. Ms. Dil, if you are reading this, pardon my profanity but this
is my blog xD. My personal thoughts and works must be separated. Especially when marks are involved.


The Drover
>A man with no name, responding only to the call of “The Drover”, he lives in the land of Australia and just as the name suggested, he droves for a living. It could even be said that droving is his way of life and had been a natural occupation for him; as natural as breathing itself. Like most of Australian at his period, he dresses in a cowboy type of clothing and even though he does bathe and takes good care of his hygiene, dirt seems to always be with him – a proof of man of the wilderness. Played by Hugh Jackman in the movie Australia, The Drover will make any girl to awe and guys to admire.

The Drover is man of wilderness and that very wilderness shapes him up into a violent man. In the earlier scene, he entered into a pub, only to find trouble. Indeed a man of trouble, he is. He assaulted a man whom discriminated the aborigines when The Drover’s friend, Margarri tried to enter. Not paying any attention to his surroundings, he beat the living soul out of that man, leaving him with bruises that would last a lifetime. His choice in finishing his victim was smacking him on the head using one of the many bags Lady Ashley was carrying. Only when the man fell unconscious, did he stop and noticed Lady Ashley’s presence. This particular example clearly tells us of how violent of a man The Drover is.

Though he may be as violent as a raging wild horse, like all living things, a part of him can still love. Love is complex, as complex as human itself. He has a unique kinship with the aborigine of the Land Down Under. When all the other people looked down and discriminated the aborigine, The Drover befriended them. Magarri is one his many indigenous friends. His late wife was also an aborigine. Though he lived in a place where discrimination is practiced widely in public, he married to an indigenous lady.

His wild heart was also tamed by Lady Ashley through love. In his first encounter with Lady Ashley, she seemed indifferent with the other aristocratic ladies. However, as time goes by and ups and downs, he saw a whole different side of the woman she is now and that was what tamed him. No one can live and leave no flaw – the relationship between The Drover and his employer, Lady Ashley has its own share of trouble or hiccup but in the end, love prevails.

Bravery is also another word that suits The Drover. His job requires him to be so but I personally believe that all the years of droving must have tempered his heart to be solid.and not easily wavered by any situation. During the first incident in the bar pertaining to his friend whom was a "boom", he bravely challenged the others to fight him. He has the courage of a lion - he stood by his friend's side even though he knew it was not going to be pretty in the end.

In my opinion, The Drover is a character worthy to earn the title of modal for people to follow. This world needs more man like him as he is brave and loving. That is why I believe he is my favourite character in this movie.


I'm tired and sleepy.

To be continued!

Eh, but the homewrk is finished!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

What do you think?

Just got myself to buy a 2nd hand Ibanez electric guitar but it really looks new because the owner haven't really used it.... for RM500... Is it worth it? Guys, help!