What's In My Head

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


College life is kinda cool, it's different and I like embracing new stuff.. err.. most of it. Inti isn't so bad, at least better than what I thought back when I was form 3. It's located in some deserted area call Nilai and the reason why I call it so is because there are no cinema here. The only thing near to shopping complex is Giant which I've never been to since I find no reason to waste my money going there ( In a tight budget here la, still haven't get my JPA money ).

The food here isn't really that good and can't really be put under the list of "DON'T EAT", it's edible in short, something appropriate to be filled into my tiny stomach. Plus, I have to control what I buy to eat as I might go overbudget and not eat for the rest of the month, lols. However, some food around here are kinda nice.. hold on.. unique not nice. I went to this Indonesian-style food restaurant and they have the coolest name for their food. One of the most weirdest one is Nasi Goreng Mawut, your BM must really be rusty to not notice the slight humour in it. Mawut = maut = death. I'll try to remember the other food names, tonight perhaps?

Going around is troublesome here since I don't have a car here, not that I dare to drive around here. I have to take busses, LRT, KTM, bla bla bla.. just to go somewhere - It's tiring and costly ( I don't pay the fuel back at home, hehe. ). Last weekend, I went to Sunway Pyramid just to waste time which I have abundantly but nothing fun to do. So yeah, I went to there with Wee Boon and hell it was exhausting. We took off from Inti at 1230-ish and arrived around 330pm, probably later because I remember WeeBoon saying something about the trip to Sunway took around the same amount of time to go back BP - Hey, I should've went back BP instead of going to Sunway!

What else, what else, oh ya, I'm in the computer lab now for English class. We're doing blogs now and yes, that's the reason why I'm putting up a new post here. I guess you can call this "instructed procrastination". Plain procrastination would be playing facebook games while the lesson is still on which I "just so happen" to constantly commit during Software Application class. Call me naughty but a lot of my classmates are doing it. As they say, "If you can't stop em', join em' " and that's exactly what I planned since the very start.

No more uniform!

Almost forgot about this one, herm, how could I? It's such a major thing that I should've put it somewhere in the beginning! "Seriously" ( as Karee always say ), it kinda brings the feeling of being completely free, physically. I never noticed putting up uniform would be so constricting, in complex kinda way. The thought of wearing shorts and slippers while attending a class brings me great satisfaction, lol. No more blazers, no more ugly, hot uniform! Does this mean I'm an anarchist? Haha.

Good news, good news, I've just got my new lappy and I'm so happy ( it rhymes and chimes ). It's not the latest or the high-end one but having one and calling it as my own is a pure pleasure. 320GB of space to be filled and I'm outta idea what to fill it with, lol, no porn for me ya, Ngo. Since Inti has free, 24/7 wifi and a network of people who shares everything in some limewire-like program, I've been downloading a lot of stuff in a very short amount of time ( Need to defrag it tonight or my lappie'll go slow ). A few more movies to watch I'm good to go! Herm, I meant to study :P