What's In My Head

Thursday, 30 April 2009


Ah, dammit....

Yesterday, it all began as flu. A normal flu. I think.

Then I slept, I woke up and I can't shake it off. Bummer.

So, then I took one of those medicine that suppose to get rid of this annoying flu. As a side-effect, it made me super drowsy plus it pretty much dehydrates me. Urgh, throat so dry.

Woke up at 3 am. Flu is partially gone but now I have a slight fever. Ahhhh, crap.

Just took panadol and I'm gonna continue my adventure in the dream land.

Sorry for the narrative-ness of this post, too lazy to whip up better sentences. Haha

'kay, gonna sleep.


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

A question

Is it your history that defines you or do you define your own history?


Monday, 20 April 2009

Day ( insert random number here )

Somehow, I've got myself to update this blog of mine and this time, I'll try to not focus on my abysmal boredom which can be compared to the very air I breathe.

that's how I feel

Anyway, last week, eh, I meant last monday (time really feels slow), I had to go to Tronoh, Perak for Petronas educamp, which is actually a cover name for 2-day interview. I picked Economy as my first choice but didn't get it. Instead, I got civil engineering (2nd choice). Courses in oversea are really hard to get for Petronas. I think it was like 100++ was selected amongst 1500+ from the 8000 applicants for the oversea study. However, local studies are more available, around 500+ if I'm not wrong. Great thing is, Petronas doesn't really focus on academic performance as much as JPA does which is really good for "phailed" people like me xD

Enough rambling about the scholarship, I'll go straight to the camp/interview itself. Mine was on the 13th till 14th April. Basically, there are eerr... 4 testis that I need to go thru aside from the interview itself; English test, science and maths test which caught me off guard (I forgot the formulas, haha), comprehension test to check on how fast you can pick up the points and IQ test in the form of diagram which I think, is my favourite so far. Always do em' last time. For future candidates, it doesn't hurt to open back your books to revise the formulas, lol. Bah, it's pretty basic but I'm just dumb at that time.

lil' sidetrack here, we had to sleep in APBM (forgot what it stands for), it's a campus located 8-9 minutes from UTP. I shared my room with 3 other guys, I was lucky that it was just so happen that the other 3 guys were HS fellas, my classmates too xD. That night, shit happened. The campus went blackout. The WHOLE campus.. pissed me off... I mean, we were dead tired (arrived at the campus around 11+ pm) and as we came back, the whole campus went kapoot. We slept anyway but it sure was hot as hell. The power came back around 2.30am. I'm psychic, of course I know.

The next day was the
moment-of-truth konon la. All of the candidates were divided into 2 groups. One had to go for the interview first while the other did their IQ tests. I did my interview first. I was to talk about preventing Cyber Crimes, all the points were pretty much given, and all that I need to do is talk and elaborate a lil' bit. Funny thing is, I got so friendly with the interviewers that I took way longer than I needed to for my intro :P (talking about theatre, no idea how it got there though). For the group discussion, I had to maneuver the way the discussion was going as 1 of em can't really speak English. After a looooong discussion and abit of crapping (really!), we had to finalise our solution. For some reason, religious teaching was brought in, funneh. I concluded that a special programme for the young and old that teaches them ways to defend against cyber crime and the inappropriateness of comitting them plus religious teachings so that it is more holistic. It was long, it was somewhat off-topic, it was weird but we somehow made the interviewers nod in agreement. I guess years of crapping with confidence paid off, xD. Overall, I think I did an okay job for my interview. What's left for me is to hope for the best.

p/s: Another funny thing happened to me during the individual interview. I was talking about Friendster, Facebook blah blah blah and said "I believe even you two have an account". They look at each other, they look at me and said "No". I feel so dumb at that moment.

Eh, shit la, forgot to update about my currrent life pulak. As I said, I'll try to avoid the boring part.

I've been guitar alot lately, obviously, since I've got nothing better to do and glad to say I'm improving. It's at a slow pace though (don't really have the flair for music xD but it's fun). Note to self, I can't sing to save myself. Haha.

Other than that, I've been working on some other stuff which I can't tell at the moment due to its overwhelming secretiveness. Is that even a word?