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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

*sigh* Lazy, I am

LOL, looked at my last post and noticed how pathetically pathetic I am.. Actually, by reading my last post, you should already know that :P . Anyway, been really busy with exam. BUT, after exam, my internet miraculously went down, damn annoyed and frustrated wei.. As zw likes to put it " damn wtf ".

Anywat, guess I'll update on something..

Starting from the PD ( Port Dickson lar ) Kolokium thingy which Josh referred to as stupido trip. Overall, it was pretty much great. Let me explain to you the greatness of this "stupido trip" in form of list :P :

Food : Damn good la, got alot also but too bad can't tapau them back home xD
Accomodation : Quite nice, stayed at some resort which I forgot the name. Ah yes, too bad I can't friken swim in the swimming pool. Not that I can't swim ( come to think of it, I CAN'T ) but those people just won't let us.
Activities : Fun!! They held 2 debate competitions which are open for all of us. I did try to join but it was full the moment I tried to apply ( Only for 6 people mind you, Oh ya, did I tell you this was national level leadership camp? ). Oh what the heck, It was in BM too. Actually, I'm quite relieved that I wasn't in that debate cuz the SBP guy ( Oh ya, one more thing, they had to debate against SBP guys and girls as well ) was damn good. Totally a national level guys. The motion was something about drugs addiction had its root in family and the other one was mass media and the bad influence. If It were in English, I guess I would choose the clichè tactic, you know, the too-many-and-can't-pinpoint tactic. So anyway, it was damn awesome!! Oh ya, I'll further elaborate about this debate in another part*

Now, I'm lazy...

Okay, Exams!!! Well, being form 4 made me realise how peanuts PMR was ( For those who are taking PMR this year or the coming years, you'll know when you turn form 4 ) compared to upper form examinations. It was , well, pure hell on earth. So, long story short, I'm dead!! Got B3 for my addmath ( Fuck, was expecting A2 ). About 5-7 people failed ( *gasp* ). Damn frustrated, most of the mistake were purely due to the klutz-ness of me.

Oh ya, I'm turning one of those heavy duty game-tryer. Haha. I'm trying out all sorts of online games. Not because I want to play them, just because I'm bored and I'm a sick lil' ass xD. Tried AdventureQuest ( a gay game which I hacked :P ), Dragon Fable ( Refer to <<< ), Pirate King Online ( 2nd most confusing game ever ), Supreme Destiny ( Most confusing game ever, but easy to level :P ), erm... Those miniclip games. Heck, I've already forgot some of them :P . Actually, there's still one more that I haven't install yet. Haha. Lol, " God I hate my life ".. A famous line which was abused by alot of movies :P and YAY, improved in O2mania xD.

Ahhh.. what else what else?

Erm, guess I'll continue about the debate

* Well, This debate is very unique because there's 2 debate that had to be carried out and there's only time enough for one debate. So, what did they do? They cut the speakers' time to present their case ( Cracks me up when I heard that rule ). Did you know that in BM debates, there's tons of flowery words, expression and analogy and the most fucked up thing is that, some of them POI or as they call it tumpang lalu or was it tumpang tanya, I forgot but anyway, they even POI on those lame stuff. I mean, a guy was saying something about their points being "tajam" and then the opposing team POI and questioned about it. I mean, WTF!! why on earth would you do that and THE MOST ironic thing is that, they wasted like 1 minute on elaborating why their points are sharp.. wow...For your info, that guy/girl didn't have time to present her/his argument due to lack of time. Not suprised :P

I shall now futher elaborate on other special rules. Para penonton dibenarkan untuk mencelah pada bila-bila masa. Well, just so you know, every participant in this camp were chosen from public speakers and/or debaters. So, you can imagine what chaos did it bring to the house. Aisheh, forgot one more thing, all of us were divided into three groups - those who sit on the left side, middle or right side. Left side MUST cheer for the SBP while those on the right side MUST cheer for the camp's participant and those in the middle gets to be a judge and have to CHEER for the speaker the house (yes yes.. ).

The opposing team can also POI at any time and whether or not the POI is accepted is determined by the speaker of the house. Plus, the POI can be answered by anyone in the house, including the spectators ( O_O , I was beyond WTF-ed at this time ). Ah yes, speaker of the house can also POI ( O_O O_O O_O WTF WTF WTF!! ). Jeng jeng jeng... and the ultimate rule... the speaker of the house can do anything, yes dear readers, anything. During the procession of the debate, he stopped the current speaker and asked for a bottle of water. Heck, he even fired the judges and changed them. LOL, he even helped some guy to answer a POI. What really put me into ecstasy was when the time was over ( 4 minutes only wei ), the SOTH :P shoo-ed the speaker who was just starting his/her point xD. Walao, damn funny la wei. Wish I could record that. In the end, no winners was announced as the debates serve as a entertaiment purpose only and also to "enlighten" us what real debaters are like. I mean, they were bombarded with question from ALL sides and yet, they remain calm and the question asked wasn't really a walk-in-the-park kind of question. Too bad I didn't bring my frickenerest camera!!


O well, guess i'm sleepy now. So i'm gonna take my 2nd dinner now...

See ya...